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Users with Multiple Accounts

As a user in Fig you may belong to multiple accounts in the system and can access them all with the same log in credentials. For example, a producer may need to upload files for multiple clients who each have a unique Fig account. Within Fig we make it easy to quickly switch between accounts and see which account you are currently associated with.

If you believe you need access to additional accounts please contact the account’s administrator.

Viewing and Switching Your Current Account

Users who belong to multiple accounts will be asked to select which account they would like to use each time they log in. This can then be changed at any time while signed in.

Users who belong to only one account in Fig will not be presented with this screen.

After logging in, the current account is listed in the top header near the Quick Search bar and on the Fig Dashboard.

You can quickly change your account by selecting the drop down in the top header from any page within Fig.

File Management and Multiple Accounts

Uploaded spots will only be available to the account that uploaded them when viewing Files and Deliveries. If a file was uploaded using the wrong account it is recommended to delete the spot and re-upload using the correct account. You can verify which account a spot will be uploaded under by glancing at your currently active account in the top header near our Quick Search bar.

The account showing in the highlighted area will be the account associated with an uploaded spot.

If you are unsure which account uploaded a file, that information can be found within the spots Media Details.

Updated on September 30, 2022