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Fig Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management

How can I reset my password?
To reset your password please use the “Forgot your password?” link on the Fig sign in page

Uploading Files

How do I upload a file to Fig
Please see our article, Uploading a New File to Fig.
What file formats are accepted?
Please visit the File Format Specifications section to view all acceptable file formats.
I’ve uploaded a program to Fig. How can I send this to additional stations?
My file failed to upload, Why?
Files may fail our validation for a variety of reasons. Please see our page on Upload Failures for common issues and possible solutions on how to fix them.

Coming soon

Closed Captioning

How can I add captions to my program?
Please see our article, Closed Captioning
What is the difference between Standard and Rush captions?
The difference between the two is how quickly the captions will be completed. Rush captioning does have some added cost but should be completed significantly quicker. Both standard and rush caption requests will be sent to one of our closed captioning service providers and go through the same quality control checks.

For more information please see, Standard vs Rush captioning
My program already has captions embedded in the file. Do I still need to order captioning?
If your program follows our File Format Specifications the embedded captions in the file should work.

Closed Captioning

High Definition (HD)
We recommend submitting files with embedded closed captioning in either the MPG container or the MXF container.
For MPG: CEA608/CEA708 embedded as ATSC DTVCC (line 9)
For MXF: CEA608/CEA708 embedded as ancillary data.
* CEA608 is required even for HD.
Standard Definition (SD)
SD files containing closed captioning must use the MPG container or the MXF container.
CEA608 closed captions must be inserted in the VBI (line 21).
Actual video screen size, including VBI, will be 720×512.
For MXF IMX, your software may describe screen size as 720×486, but actual screen size will be 720×512.


I tried uploading a 28:30 file but I get an error stating its actual duration is 28:31;22?
This file was probably created and exported using a non drop frame format. Try adjusting your editor’s sequence settings to drop frame and re-exporting your file. For more information please see our article regarding non drop frame upload errors.
Updated on January 9, 2023