Link Browser Services


The Link Browser will allow you to upload a file into Fig directly from a web link without needing to download the spot to your computer. In this article we will go over some of the supported services and any special instructions you may need to follow for them to work properly.

These services are not the only ones supported by the Link Browser. Many services not listed here may work with no issues. If your file sharing system is currently not supported, please send an email to and we will see that we can do to help!

The Link Browser relies on the APIs provided by each service we support. Since these APIs are managed by the individual services themselves their functionality in the Link Browser may be limited or broken when changes are made to the service’s API.


You can easily upload files to Fig from an FTP by using the link browser and selecting FTP from the left menu and providing the following information.

This is the address of the FTP site and is typically given as a URL ( or IP Address (
Enter the username that is provided with the FTP access information.
Password (optional)
If the FTP is password protected you can enter its password here in order to login.

After connecting to the FTP you can select the files to be uploaded and proceed using the normal upload steps.


Unfortunately, WeTransfer has decided to cut the cord on their API, so we are no longer able to integrate directly with their file sharing platform. This article explains why they have come to this decision. WeTransfer links may continue to work in the Link Browser despite this change but we are unable to guarantee their continued support.

Updated on September 15, 2022