Closed Captioning Failures

Files may be uploaded to Fig with embedded closed captioning if they follow the specifications listed in our File Format Specifications. Captioning not embedded in these supported methods may not be able to be displayed during playback by some broadcasting systems.

Examples and Possible Solutions


SMPTE 436M is a standard of embedding information, typically closed captioning, into an MXF file. This data may not be read properly when embedded into other file types and could cause the captioning to be ignored or display incorrectly.


Files containing closed captions should be submitted using the MPEG-2 codec (CEA608/708 DTV). Found the following types of closed captioning data: SMPTE 436M Track (CEA608), SMPTE 436M Track (CEA708).

Possible Solution:

Solution: MPEG-2 files should have captioning embedded as ATSC DTVCC (line 9)


The SCTE 20 captioning format is an uncommon method of embedding 608 captions into MPEG-2 files and is not compatible with all broadcasting systems.


Found SCTE 20 wrapper.

Possible Solution:

Solution: For MPEG-2 files try embedding your captions as ATSC DTVCC instead.

Updated on October 10, 2022