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Closed Captioning

Closed Captions provide a transcription of the audio and dialogue of a program so it can be enjoyed by those with hearing impairments. Closed captioning is an FCC mandated requirement for most broadcasters with strict guidelines that regulate the accuracy, timing, completeness of captioning.

In Fig, files that have embedded closed captioning that meets our file format specifications can be uploaded and delivered with captions. For those files without closed captions attached, we have made them simple and efficient to add at the time of upload to Fig.

Ordering Closed Captions in Fig

Captioning can be ordered within the upload form when uploading a new program to Fig and can be integrated into your standard workflow of a uploading a program. When closed captions are ordered your program will be sent to one of our trusted captioning and transcription services. The different captioning options are:

For programs that already have captions embedded or if your file does not need to be captioned.
Standard (charges apply)
A captioning order will be sent to one of our closed caption services and once completed, the program will be fully captioned and delivered to its selected destinations.
Rush (charges apply)
Captioning can be ordered with a rush for when you need a quicker turnaround. Rush captions have an additional charge on top of the standard captions but will be completed quicker.
Replacement (video-only edits, charges may apply)
The replacement option should be selected for revised programs that have previously been captioned. If a replacement is ordered, we will import the existing captions from a previous version of the program.

Once captioning has been completed we will do a quality control check to ensure that the caption file is complete, accurate, and timed appropriately before releasing the file for delivery.

Standard vs Rush captioning

The only difference between standard and rush captions is how quick the captioning will be complete. The times below are an estimation of the max time it may take to complete captioning, provided by one of our closed captioning services. The actual average turnaround time for a file may be quicker but can not be guaranteed.

File LengthStandard: Max Turnaround Time*Rush: Max Turnaround Time*
0-30 minutes18 hours12 hours
30-60 minutes48 hours36 hours
60+ minutes120 hours90 hours
*actual captioning time may vary depending on the complexity and quality of a file’s audio.

Each broadcaster may have their own delivery deadlines in place. Failure to have captioning complete before these deadlines may result in your program not making it to air. In instances of tight deadlines we advise reaching out to your station account representatives to determine their recommendation for captioning.

Replacement Captioning

Revised programs that have been previously captioned may not need new captions ordered. When this option is selected, the caption file from a previously uploaded program will be imported to the new version. Caption replacements are meant to be used when little to no adjustments have been made to a revised program’s audio track.

If a revised program has significant changes to its audio or timing then new captions may need to be ordered.

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Updated on September 30, 2022