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Transcoding with Sorenson Squeeze

Presets and Jobs

When you open Sorenson Squeeze, you will notice that the application is divided into several sections. For the purposes of this tutorial, the most important sections are the Presets Window and the Jobs Window.

The Preset Window contains a list of predefined presents that contain all needed transcoding settings, such as aspect ratio, codecs, frame rates, and many more. It is possible to export, share, and import presents (we have provided preset files above which can downloaded and dragged into your list of presets).

The Jobs Window contains a list of all active and finished jobs. A “job” is a combination of a source file and one or more presets and destinations. It is also possible to add in-out-marks in case you need to trim the beginning and/or the end of the file.

Adding Source Files

In order to add a source file to the Jobs Window, locate the file in your computer (e.g., the Desktop) and drag directly into the Jobs Window.

Adding Settings to the Job Window

Once you have added your source material to the Jobs Window, you may attach or more presets to this job. At this point, you may also change the target destination of the output (transcoded) file (e.g., the Desktop).

Squeeze It!

Once your transcoding job is ready to go, press the “Squeeze It!” button to initiate the job. Once the job is finished, your output file ready to be uploaded into our system.

Updated on September 15, 2022